Culture and Core Values

Culture and values are important elements of all companies. It is essential that employee core values mesh well with company values and that the company culture is a compatible environment to enable job satisfaction and career growth for the employee. These are key elements for many employees in their decision process to change jobs or accept a new position.

The ISYS culture derives from our small size and close-knit relationships. We are always a business but conduct it with caring about our people that you will not find in most larger companies. Because we are small, many of our employees perform numerous functions for the company. This means that employees may use their talents in multiple capacities in supporting company needs resulting in greater task variety and job satisfaction. We also like to grow our employees by encouraging lateral growth to learn new skills and selecting for promotion internally whenever possible. We encourage independent and innovative thinking as well as initiative in meeting customer needs and helping the company to improve and grow.

Our core values are simple but profound. 1. Integrity – We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all things; 2. Ethics – We conduct our business ethically and expect the same from employees and others; 3. Respect – We treat our employees, industry partners, and customer with courtesy and respect; 4. Responsibility – We take responsibility for the things we do and say and expect to be held accountable; 5. Deliver – We deliver what we promise in quality products and service