Homeland Security

ISYS continues to grow to meet the ever-changing security threats of the 21st century. We support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in securing our nation’s vital assets including the Information Management infrastructure, transportation systems, food and water supplies, and critical services, such as health care, law enforcement, and emergency services. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we saw the challenges our Nation faced.

ISYS has the flexibility, strength, and diversity to bring transformational technology, ideas, and processes to Homeland Security. We are a horizontally integrated company that focuses strategies, integrates solutions, directs resources, streamlines processes, and infuses technology to meet the needs of this dynamic environment. We are actively involved in major modernization and integration programs with key Homeland Security customers, such as the United States Coast Guard, Transportation Security Administration, Customs and Border Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, and state and local governments.

Our support to DHS provides the technology that guards our borders, integrates threat information, protects critical infrastructures, and provides maritime surveillance. We also safeguard electronic systems that are susceptible to viruses, hacking, and identity and information theft. Whether we are providing satellite imagery support to track threats or developing systems to analyze complex security data for rapid first response, ISYS offers the depth of expertise and technological capabilities to help protect our nation.